Important Credit Payment Note:

1 Reasons for the failure of credit card payments

(1) Credit card balance is not enOugh.

(2) We Only Accept the Visa credit Card(Please Input a Visa credit card number).

(3) Credit card payments without bank authorization.

(4) Credit card Have the bad records.

(5) Invalid credit card or black card.

(6) Credit card expires or is a new card.

2.After the success of the credit card payment, why the credit card bill amount is higher than the amount of goods orders?

Some customers reflect a credit card payment overcharged customers money?

(1) Cross-boider royalties between credlt card tssuers and banks

(2) Exchange rate fluctuatns

(3) Currency exchange

Who Charge the Extra Fee? (about will charge 2%-3%)

(1)The Credit Card issuers Company Charge the Fee.

(2) This is international money transfer, The credit card companies will charge a transit fee

This part of the costs can not be avoided.

So little difference between consumption and actual costs is the result of these three factors


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